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Crew Gunnery Simulator for T-72 Tank (Zen T-72 CGS)

Interactive Controls Familiarization

  • Instruments, indicators and gauges in gunner compartment
  • Gunner’s Sight TPDK-1
  • Commander Sight TKN 3B
  • All gunnery related controls

Gunnery Drills & Procedures

  • Manual & stab modes
  • Ammunition selection of APFSDS, HEAT and HE
  • Manual and automatic loading of ammunition
  • LRF operation
  • Manual range setting

Target Acquisition & Engagement

  • Gunner - Manual/stab laying on target using TPDK-1 sight
    • Lasing of target/manual range setting
    • Lead off for moving targets
    • Firing of main gun/PKT machine gun
  • Commander
    • Target acquisition using sights TKN 3B sight
    • Target designation

The simulator is containerized for easy transportation and start-up. It can be provided as a fixed installation, if desired. Its major components are:

  • Instructor Station:
    • Multiple displays for trainee monitoring
    • Joystick for moving Tank/target on the visual terrain
    • Intercom unit
    • Computer systems rack
    • Power conditioning equipment
  • Gunner Station (Trainee Cabin)
    • Mock-up Tank turret compartment
    • Mock sights—TPDK-1, TKN 3B
      • OTW (out of the window) display system for view through the sights
    • Gunner and Commander seats and foot rests
    • All relevant controls
    • Indicators, instruments and gauges
    • Intercom Unit
  • Motion Platform
    • Electro-mechanical Motion Platform and Motion Control Unit
      • Realistic motion feel for firing at cant angles, firing from forward & reverse slopes
      • Realistic jerk on main gun firing
  • Optional:
    • 30 KVA, 3 Phase, 220 V Ph-N, 50Hz diesel generator set

The following application software provides a reliable training environment for trainees:

Instructor Station software

  • Provides an intuitive and easy-to-use GUI
  • Displays status of turret compartment controls
  • Facilitates conduct of Sessions
  • Allows selection of terrains/exercises and insertion/removal of faults
  • Saves trainee records, evaluates trainees’ performances and generates desired reports
  • Contains system health check

Visual System software generates

  • Several 3D terrains including plains, desert etc
  • 3D modelled targets, terrain objects and model library
  • Fire back by active targets
  • Environmental controls: ambient light as per time of day
  • Reticules for all sights
  • Obscuration upon Main Gun firing
  • Realistic smoke and dust
  • Realistic target-end effects

Input/Output System software takes the trainee into the loop by:

  • Sensing all controls’ operations
  • Providing all systems’ interlocks
  • Implementing realistic mathematical models for various Servo-controlled stabilizer elements of the Tank
  • Implementing realistic mathematical models for ballistics of different ammunition used in the Tank
  • Generating output signals for all indicators, meters, gauges and motion cues

Audio System software generates realistic aural inputs that the Tank crew hears while in the turret compartment, including battle noises, Artillery shelling, firing of Main Gun and PKT.

The simulator is designed for quick integration with the Driving Simulator for Tank T-72 (Zen T-72 DS). This allows for integrated training of the complete Tank crew in combat situations. The modular nature of all components allows immense flexibility. Zen design, product engineering and after sales service assure users of a high MTBF and a low MTTR.

Zen offers customized simulators for all variants of Crew Gunnery simulators for this series of Armoured vehicles as well as for user-specified vehicles or fire control system variants.

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Crew Gunnery Simulator for T-72 Tank (Zen T-72 CGS) Zen-Crew-Gunnery-Simulator-for-T-72-Tank Zen-T-72-Crew-Gunnery-Simulator

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