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Zen Driving Training Simulator (ZEN DTS®)

Each Driver Station can be independently controlled by the Instructor Station. Drivers with different levels of skills can train simultaneously in different Driver Stations. A single Instructor Station can also control different category of vehicles e.g. light, medium or heavy vehicles. Driving scenes, the rear and side view mirrors’ scenes are flashed on a large, curved screen display system.

ZEN DTS® simulates driving conditions of city, hills, cross-country, snow-bound terrain, in varying light and climatic conditions like rain, fog, snow and dust. The training levels start from basic and progress to professional level.

It enables instructor to control sessions, monitor and continuously assess the progress of trainees individually, selectively or collectively. The clutch, brake, accelerator, engine oil, temperature and various other readings are displayed on the Instructor Station. The system continuously records the faults committed by trainees. The instructor can inject faults and obstacles during the exercise to judge the reactions of trainees.

The cuts training costs, saves wear and tear of vehicle and eliminates risk of accidents. It is an ideal vehicle to train aspirant drivers, conduct periodic tests for efficiency checks and provide advance training with various degrees of difficulties. It is perfect for institutes imparting basic driver training.


ZEN DTS® with Motion Platform:

ZEN DTS® comes with an optional Motion Platform to enhance driving experience. The six Degrees of Freedom Motion Platform produces motions of pitch, roll, heave, sway, surge and yaw to give trainees the actual feel of road conditions.

Zen Driver Aptitude Testing System (ZEN DATS™):

ZEN DATS™ is a CSIR-approved testing system that checks drivers’ reaction, recovery, vision and perception to put safe drivers on the road. The six tests are simple reaction, complex reaction, depth perception, night vision, glare recovery and side vision.

Zen Driving Training Simulator Key Features

  • Simulates realistic motion, driving conditions and sounds
  • Facilitates the instructor to control multiple Driver Stations simultaneously
  • Contains a driver cabin fitted with real controls, steering, brakes and accelerator
  • Sets up gear sequence as per the original vehicle
  • Provides motion feel to the trainees through Motion Platform
  • Offers training under various environmental conditions
  • Records trainee's errors and illustrates trainee's actions such as time taken to shift the foot from accelerator to brake; right gear vs. right speed; accidents, speeding; lane violation, dangerous turns and switching on ignition with gear engaged

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Zen Driving Training Simulator

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