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Zen Artillery Forward Observers Simulator (Zen ArtyFOS)

Zen ArtyFOS trains Observation Post Officers and Forward Observers of the Artillery and all other officers of combat wings of Army who may be required to fire long-range, indirect fire weapons like mortars, guns, Howitzers, rockets and missiles.

It has an Instructor Station and an Observation Post Officers Trainee Station. It facilitates engagement of target by a single gun to guns of a Brigade of Artillery. It also has a module to train the trainers which allows standardization of training all across the force. Artillery training, due to the logistics involved, is a cumbersome process. But this simulator cuts down logistics while ensuring ready-for-battle standards.

Zen Artillery Forward Observers Simulator trains officers in acquiring, engaging, neutralizing and destroying enemy targets. It also guides them to plan, prepare and execute the sequence of firing.

A wide range of terrains has been provided to recreate the scenarios expected to be faced by trainees in actual war. It also enables trainees to shoot the gun applying different procedures. The training can be conducted round the year in a room of 20 ft x 25 ft.

The simulator can create the effects of simultaneously applied environmental conditions, visibility, and ammunition with different fuses, combination of guns and fire units/batteries and firing procedures. The system works out precise trajectories of the gun selected and displays fall of a shot realistically. The fall of a shot is influenced by the yaw, drift, jump, bar pressure, wind speed and direction, ambient and charge temperature, battery height, dispersion zone and many other environmental conditions.

Zen ArtyFOS Key Features:

  • Recreates field firing-ranges indoors
  • Provides comprehensive training for Observation Post Officers
  • Allows simultaneous application of multiple environmental effects
  • Lets nine fire units to fire at a time
  • Includes dispersion zone, meteorological conditions, shell-to-shell variations
  • Displays ballistic trajectories and fall of a shot as in actual
  • Contains maps, binoculars and aids to firing, as in actual
  • Has provision for obtaining magnetic bearing
  • Contains adequate land marks/reference points for target indication
  • Includes a wide range of terrains with ‘to-scale maps’ Optionally, specific 3D terrain view can be constructed from digital maps provided by the user
  • Produces numerous blast effects of Artillery shells
  • Simulates realistic Artillery sounds
  • Provides various types of static and moving targets
  • Includes a big database for storing target information
  • Creates precise effects of different fuses
  • Guides Fire Planning
  • Allows data analysis and fault-finding at every stage
  • Offers zoom, look-around, recording, replay and retrieving facilities
  • Evaluates individual skills/performance
  • Can train trainers as well

Zen ArtyFOS Power Requirements:

Single phase, 220 volts, 4 kVA, 50 Hz AC and single phase 220 volts power points with 15 Amps & 5 Amps at the Instructor Station.

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Zen Artillery Forward Observers Simulator (Zen ArtyFOS) Zen Artillery Forward Observers Simulator Zen ArtyFOS


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