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Zen Tank targets

Moving Tank Target Mechanism (MTTM)

The MTTM is a rail based moving platform that carries the designated Tank target.

Size of Target  : Up to 7m x 2.3m
Speed : Variable up to 20 Km per Hour. Stop/start or reverse anytime (with braking distance)
Power : Battery Operated (Up to 8 hours of operation)
Operational temperature  : Minus 40 Deg Celsius to Plus 60 Deg
Movement : On rails
Control Mechanism : Remotely controlled by Hand Held Device and/or Range Control Station Tested up to 5 Km
Hit Detection : Sensors detect hit and discount small arms and debris
Effect on Hit : Movement stops
Pyrotechnic flash and smoke
Hit is displayed and recorded at Control Station
Movement may be started again by Control Station

Static Tank Target Mechanism (STTM)

The Stationary target communicates through wireless. It is battery powered and its exposure and conceal time is between 5 to 10 seconds. It is weather-proof and senses hit.

The target size is up to 3x3m (bottom of the target is at 1.5m from the finished ground level. The operational temperature is -20 to +60°C. The pop-up/down movement of the target can be controlled from Control Station and hits can be monitored from the monitors at the Control Station.

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Zen Tank targets Zen Tank targets Zen Tank targets

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