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Zen Shoot House for Live and Simulated Indoor Tactical Training

Zen Shoot House is a safe indoor facility, built to meet the training needs of security personnel involved in operations to eliminate enemy/terrorist threat in closed environment of a built-up area. Shoot House is a concrete and brick/masonry structure with ballistic protection and other essential features like ballistic doors/windows, wooden staircase, elevator shaft, trap-door, rubber furniture and realistic equipment. High-end safety and security system and fire-retardant materials are in place. Aspects such as ventilation/air-circulation, varied lighting and sound suppression have been addressed.

The bullet-proof facility ensures complete safety to trainees operating inside and for premises outside it.

Shoot House enables soldiers to practise live-firing Room Intervention/Clearing drills and also conduct two-sided tactical training exercises with simulated fire. Video cameras are there to monitor and record trainees’ activities inside the facility for After Action Review (AAR) and critique.


  • Creates realistic and dynamic live-fire training environment
  • Allows 360° internal live firing with high-velocity 5.56 and 7.62mm Small Arms
  • Contains a variety of rubber/fibre sheet targets—static and multi-functional
  • Facilitates different types of training
  • Allows the inside walls to be moved and pivoted to make the desired changes to internal layout
  • Comes with generator and emergency lighting
  • Has provisions for inter-communication between Instructor/Control Station and trainees
  • Meets international safety standards

Indoor Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Tactical Training

Zen Shoot House live-fire facility can be utilised to conduct two-sided tactical exercises with Zen Indoor Tracking System that employs laser fire.

Multi-functional targets, embedded with laser detectors and emitters, can also be used. Targets represent friend/foe and can be made to fire on trainees by proximity sensor/trip wire or Instructor.


  • Contains sensors and video cameras that relay trainee activity inside the rooms/common areas to Control room where it is displayed on monitors in near-real time either as a video footage or 3D/2D images
  • Records events for After Action Review
  • Allows deployment of all CQB weapons, simulated stun or fragmentation grenades, service weapons fitted with laser emitters and recoil through CO2 gas filled magazine

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