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Zen Robotic Targets

Zen Robotic Targets move independently on a mission set up by the Control Station. They communicate wirelessly with the Control Station. They have two modes of operation-Manual and Autonomous.

In the Autonomous Mode, they move around in the range either freely or in a pre-designated path. They are capable of avoiding obstacles and react when fired upon.

They have the capability of 360° live-fire hit detection. All hits are reported to the Control Station. They also follow formation and order of movement.

Targets replicate humans by moving at various speeds and turning abruptly. When shot, it tips over to indicate a hit.

When operating in a group, they can be programmed to respond in the following ways:

  • By scattering as civilians do in that particular situation
  • React either by moving behind cover or advancing towards the firer

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Zen Robotic targets

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