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Zen Rotary Wing Simulator (Zen RWS)

Zen Technologies, in partnership with Rockwell Collins, has developed a Full Mission Rotary Wing Simulator that is fully configurable to meet varying training needs of the Indian Armed Forces. The simulator can facilitate ab initio training, conversion training, mission training and high-fidelity Level-D training.

Zen’s containerised simulator is unique as it is transportable, self-contained in a standard ISO container and can provide training ‘anywhere-anytime’, including forward bases for practising advanced, specific missions and need-based recurrent training.

Based on the training needs, the simulator can be configured as fixed base/6 DOF motion simulator with limited FoV; ‘out-the-window’ visual display or wide FoV visual scenery projected on a curved GFRP based, segmented/full dome or collimated wide FoV projection system that provides Level-D full mission simulation capability.

The system architecture of Zen Rotary Wing Simulator is scalable, modular and configurable so that new systems/functions can be added any time. All configurations of Zen Rotary Wing simulators encompass high-fidelity flight dynamic model with immersive capability, very good equipment fidelity in terms of replicated cockpit, controls and displays, good environmental fidelity with state-of-the-art visual system that displays highly realistic, satellite imagery draped, terrain elevated, wide FoV visual cues and realistic aural cues. The motion cues/vibrations are integrated, based on user requirements.

Training Capabilities:

  • Basic Flying
  • Conversion Training
  • Mission Training
  • Advanced Mission Training
  • Full Flight Full Mission Training (Level D)

Salient Features:

  • Scalable and Modular Architecture
  • High-Fidelity Helicopter Dynamics and Immersive Environment
  • Real Cockpit Environment with Real Pilot Controls
  • Mix of Flight-worthy Hardware, Avionics Components and Simulated Instruments

Multiple Configurations:

Fixed Base—Limited FoV

  • Basic Flying
  • Mission Training

Fixed Base—Wide FoV (Image projected on Segmented Spherical Dome)

  • Conversion Training
  • Full Mission Training

Motion Base with Projected Collimated Display System

  • Full Flight Full Mission Training (Level-D)

Transportable Simulator (Standard Container)

  • Any Time Anywhere Training
  • Field Deployable

User-Friendly Instructor Operator Station (IOS) and Debrief Station

  • Central Controlling and Monitoring Station for Instructor
  • Multiple, Mission-Specific, Configurable Instructor Pages
  • Normal Flying, Night Flying and Flying Under Adverse Weather Conditions
  • Initialisation and Loading of Weapons
  • Injection of Failures/Malfunctions
  • Freeze, Record and Replay Capability

Aural Simulation

  • All the cockpit sounds generated during various flight conditions over the flight envelope is simulated

Vibration Seat

  • G-seat for Realistic Vibration Simulation
  • Proven Fidelity for Helicopter Training

Visual Display System

Collimated Projected System (PANORAMA™)

  • Up to 220 X 60 degree FoV
  • Better than 4 Arc Minutes per Optical Line Pair (OLP) Resolution
  • Level-D Compliant Visual Depth Perception

Segmented Spherical Dome Projection System (SPECTRAVIEW™)

  • Up to 320 X 70 degree FoV
  • Better than 4 Arc Minutes per Optical Line Pair (OLP) Resolution

State-of-the-Art Modular and Scalable Visual System

  • Real-time Rendering of High Resolution Visual Data Base (Sustained update rates of 60Hz)
  • Up to 150000 Phong Shaded Polygons per Channel
  • Common Data Base (CDB)
  • CDB for IR Sensor and RADAR
  • Extensive Library Support for Creation of Terrain and Synthetic Features for Nap-of-the-Earth Flying as well as Features Closer to Helipads
  • Extensive Library of Moving Vehicles

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Zen Rotary Wing Simulator (Zen RWS) Zen Rotary Wing Simulator (Zen RWS) Zen Rotary Wing Simulator (Zen RWS) Zen Rotary Wing Simulator (Zen RWS) Zen Rotary Wing Simulator (Zen RWS)

Images courtesy Rockwell Collins

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