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Zen Excavator Training Simulator

The simulator is delivered with a realistic, 3D operating mine world, complete with artificially intelligent automated equipment such as trucks, shovels, surface rigs and LDVs to support the dozer training and evaluation process.

All simulated equipment dynamics are mathematically modeled to provide accurate behavioral realism. Exercises may be configured to address various training requirements.

Main components

  • Instruction Station
  • Input/Output Software
  • Visual Station
  • Motion platform
  • Electronics Firmware
  • Cabin controls.

List of exercises

  • Controls familiarization: Trainee gets familiar with controls in driver’s cabin. Messages appear on the screen and driver has to act accordingly.
  • Start & Stop: Trainee gets to know about the starting and stopping procedures of the vehicle. It also includes the required pre and post-start checks.
  • Free Drive: Trainee drives vehicle on a plain terrain learning basic driving skills
  • Loading Dumper: Trainee gets trained to load the dumper by considering swing angle, swing direction etc.

Excavator Training Simulator Features

  • Contains 6 DoF (Degree of Freedom) motion platform that offers pitch, roll, heave, yaw, surge and sway motions enabling near real-training to operators in all terrains
  • Provides various operating terrains like rough or slippery in all environmental conditions like, day, night, rain, smoke, fog and dust with different equipment conditions
  • Includes high fidelity audio system that simulates terrain sounds realistically
  • Allows instructor to monitor the performance of the trainee
  • Provides OEM Cab with controls and instruments mounted on Motion Platform
  • Helps attain industry standards of training
  • Beams out 3D CGI visuals realistically simulate variety of terrains found in mines
  • Contains features for interactive fault-finding and rectification
  • Training progresses from equipment familiarization to advanced levels and testing under complex operational scenarios
  • Multiple cabins can be used simultaneously with one Instruction Station

Art Asset Library

  • Terrains for different mining areas customized to user requirements
  • Excavator models of varying capacities
  • Other mining equipment which is part of the Artificial Intelligence Vehicles like Driller,
    Motor Grader, Water Sprinkler, Dozer, and Dumper.

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Excavator Training Simulator

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