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Zen Combat Training Centre (Zen CTC)

Zen CTC is a one-stop training solution for Armed Forces and State police. The secure facility, equipped with modern training equipment/infrastructure, free from routine encumbrances and other disturbances, is designed to provide performance-oriented training in realistic, tactical and operational environment.

The Centre accommodates facilities for live-fire as well as simulator training. Training can start from Platoon to Brigade level and from individual skill development to unified tactical operations both in open terrain and built-up area.

Emphasis has been laid to prepare a sub-unit to execute operational tasks with precision in today's environment of low-level operations by squads/teams against enemy intruders/terrorists/Maoists in urban and jungle terrain.

Facilities at CTC

  • Live-fire shooting ranges for Smart Target System (ZEN STS®) and Multi-Functional Target System (MFTS®)
  • Jungle and rural settings for ‘live’ force-on-force engagement with simulated laser-fire (Tactical Engagement Simulator—TacSim®)
  • Indoor Tracking System (ITS) for training personnel in tackling enemy/terrorist threat inside buildings/rooms by physical intervention
  • Shoot House, a bullet-proof facility, to train security personnel involved in operations to eliminate enemy/terrorist threat in closed environment of a built-up area
  • Area for perfecting lobbing and hand grenade drills with HE36S®
  • Simulator training (MMG, AGL and Infantry weapons) for improving marksmanship
  • Individual marksmanship training with Advanced Weapons Simulator for all small arms with tactical scenarios for judgemental and reflex shooting
  • Sniper training and firing
  • Replay and recording of all events in all training sessions for After Action Review (AAR) for critique and analysis
  • Team of expert Instructors permanently assigned to the CTC for training and management of the facility, along with Administrative staff
  • Auditorium for central classes, briefings and AAR
  • Central Control Room to monitor all training facilities and events
  • Communication system linking all facilities
  • Barracks, Cook House, Dining Hall, Rest Rooms, Sentry Posts, Access Control facilities, as required
  • Specific training, additional equipment/infrastructure can be arranged

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Zen CTC Video

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