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Zen Carrier Mortar Tracked Simulator (Zen CMT Sim)

Zen CMT Sim is a fully integrated state-of-the-art in-door simulator. The system is designed to seek total realism for operational training needs of mechanised forces. It trains the 81mm Mortar crew of a Mechanised Infantry Battalion in all facets of efficient handling and effective firing in simulated range conditions and with weapon performance parameters.


  • Mounting Platform
  • Fire Controller Station
  • MPC Station
  • Instructor Station
  • Replicated Mortar and Bombs

Discerning Features:

  • ‘To scale’ replicated weapon and platform for deployment across wide area and diverse terrain
  • Caters to all types of unique mortar drills and firing
  • Contains battle scenarios/images and environmental factors including sound effects conforming to Mechanised Warfare
  • Allows fault injection and contains fault-finding capability
  • Includes facility to record, replay, print, store and analyse data of practice sessions
  • Offers automatic and quantified performance evaluation
  • User friendly, easy to deploy/pack/transport

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Zen Carrier Mortar Tracked Simulator (Zen CMT Sim)

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