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Zen Medium Machine Gun Simulator (Zen MMG Sim)

The gunner operates a replica/modified service MMG and engages targets projected on a video screen, in different types of terrain under varying light and environmental conditions.

Besides engagement of targets in battlefield scenarios, Annual Range Course exercises can also be conducted. Engagement drills such as for Point/Wide/Traverse targets with variations in depth, Obscured target and Night firing can be practiced.

The basic system comes with two-lanes for a Section, upgradeable up to eight lanes. The configuration of the simulator is:

  • Display screen for projected visuals
  • Projector
  • Camera
  • Replica MMG or modified service MMG
  • Input-Output box for each lane
  • Air compressor for weapon recoil
  • Instructor Console
  • Intercommunication devices
  • Speakers

The easy-to-operate Instructor Console is equipped with two computers loaded with Instructor Station, Input-Output, Visual Station, diagnostics and calibration software and allows instructor to start, pause, resume, monitor and stop an exercise.

Key features:

  • Provides replica MMG, requiring loading, cocking, aiming and firing as in service weapon
  • Simulates all firing characteristics of MMG ie vibrations and recoil, types of fire, rate of fire, sound, trajectory and beaten zone
  • Contains Range table that helps simulate correct trajectory, time of flight and dimension of beaten zone at various ranges/angle of fire
  • Has provision to use service MMG with a temporary modification kit
  • Incorporates ball tracer ammunition. Tracer effects replicated
  • Enables individual as well as collective target firing.
  • Calculates and displays Fire Planning Table (Fire Control Chart).
  • Contains responsive 3D human targets and vehicles; Scenario Builder enables creation of specific scenarios and targets as required by the User.
  • Includes Fixed line setting
  • Allows engagement of aerial targets Anti-Aircraft role (AA role).
  • Offers a wide range of terrain with operational environment like plains, desert, jungle, mountainous terrains and conventional scenarios
  • Accommodates videos shot by end-users and computer-based tutorials
  • Provides environmental effects like different modes of sky and day, wind velocity and fog intensity.
  • Includes Annual Range Course with Point target, Traverse target, Depth target, Moving target with lead calculation, Wide target, Controlled correction direct fire, engagement of target using Aiming Mark, Rapid engagement of target and Night firing with/without sight unit and Night firing with night Crew Served Weapon Sight (CSWS).

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Zen Medium Machine Gun Simulator MMG Desert Border MMG Mountains MMG Punjab Plains Medium-Machine-Gun-Simulator-MMG-Sim Zen-Medium-Machine-Gun-Simulator Zen-MMG-Simulator

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