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Zen Smart Target System (ZEN STS®) - LOMAH ™

LOMAH™ System

It is a Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH™) system

LOMAH™ Key Features:

  • Shows shot location on the target and miss location within the detection zone
  • Displays the group size and Mean Point of Impact for accurate zeroing of weapons
  • Indicates the lane operation status and allows the control operator to adjust the target exposure time between two and six seconds. Target can be operated in static or up-hold mode
  • Records single shot slow fire, single shot rapid fire and fully automatic fire
  • Allows independent operation of each lane without MCS
  • Comes in both wired and wireless configuration
  • Contains night-illumination facility at each target
  • Operates between 0-50°C
  • Detects projectiles having a residual velocity of 450 m/sec or more at the Target End, irrespective of the firing distance
  • LOMAH™ includes option for zooming in and zooming out and panning of the target on the screen
  • Allows operator to designate the firing exercise to be fired i.e., Lane 1-2 for Grouping/Zeroing exercises, Lanes 3 and 4 for Application/Classification and so on
  • Stores all training (firing) data collected and allows printing the data at any time
  • Provides at each target and firing point a Lane Number Recognition (LNR) Unit
  • All components of LOMAH™ are rain and rust proof

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LOMAH™ Images [5]

Zen Smart Target System LOMAH™ Electronic Target System Pop-up Target Wireless Unit Master Control Station

LOMAH™ Videos

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