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Zen Armour Combat Training System (ZEN ACTS™)

The system seamlessly assimilates retrofitted Laser Unit and Sensor Unit with Exercise Control, Interface Unit, Base Station, Transparent Display Unit, Commander Display Unit and Umpire Gun to function and deliver training value. It is modular in design, easy to fit and remove and does not require any modifications on tank. All the modules are independently battery-powered and wirelessly connected.

Basic Functions of System Modules

  • Laser Unit (LU): Simulates projectile trajectory and finds the range
  • Sensor Unit (SU): Detects Laser based simulated hits
  • Exercise Control (EXCON): Monitors, controls and records conduct of exercise
  • ACTS Interface Unit (AIU): Interfaces Tank controls and sub-system of ACTS
  • Base Station (BS): Electronics hub and centre for wireless communication
  • Transparent Display Unit (TDU): Displays fall of a shot and tracer rounds
  • Commander Display Unit (CDU): Monitors sub-system and gunner’s actions
  • Umpire Gun (UG): Associates various elements of ACTS to a Tank and controls participant status in an exercise, in real-time

Laser Unit, either strapped or inserted into the muzzle end of the main gun, realistically simulates the projectile dynamics of the ammunition fired. The location of the hit is indicated on the gunner’s Transparent Display Unit and communicated to Exercise Control (EXCON).

Sensor Unit is capable of all-around detection of incoming pulsed laser. It detects hits, evaluates casualty status and communicates the data to EXCON.

EXCON is loaded with a customised user-friendly software. It is menu driven and displays live movements,operational status and other parameters of participating tanks and other Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs). It allows instructor to change the status of Tanks, allot ammunition, initiate/pause/conclude/replay exercise, conduct After Action Review, record and generate reports.

The ACTS Interface Unit, placed inside the gunner’s cabin, relays the range of the target received from Sensor Unit to Fire Control Computer (FCC) to help gunner follow up through the firing procedures.

Base Station is the communication hub of the system. It receives data packets from Main RF Module of the Sensor Units and sends the same to EXCON, where visual information of the progress of the exercise appears along with data.

Transparent Display Unit is strapped onto the gunner’s sight. It displays the location of hit on the tank target in relation to target silhouette e.g. ‘Over Shot’, ‘Under Shot’, ‘Rear Left’, ‘Rear Right’, ‘Front’ and ‘Missed’.

Commander’s Display Unit helps the Commander follow the actions of gunner and it is also capable of simulating Laser Range Finder and Gunner’s Trigger.

Umpire Gun is a line of sight remote access device, primarily used to assign tactical identification codes and details of ammunition to the Tanks and to enable and disable the Tanks.

ACTS is not only scalable to Combat Group, Combat Command and beyond but also configurable with all MBTs and ICV/IFV.

ZEN ACTS™ Key Features

  • Real time Tank versus Tank Battle in a risk-free environment with automated objective assessment
  • Accurate simulation of the flight of the projectile of all types of ammunition and 360° detection capability with  an accuracy of ±5m
  • Employs Class 1 Eye-safe Laser IEC 60825-1
  • Real Time Clock and Dual-compass to  display time and Turret Azimuth Angle
  • Audio-visual alarm to indicate impact of hit; operational status of the tank as per extent of damage (K-Kill and M-Kill)
  • Crew follows standard drills and uses existing Tank controls to maintain realism
  • Graphical LCD with Keypad enables Commander to  monitor the gunner and  status of all the modules
  • Comprehensive After Action Review (AAR)
  • Maneuvers displayed in real time on 2D Map with an option of 3D display
  • Virtual minefields and artillery fire can be depicted  

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Zen Armour Combat Training System Exercise Control Firing Control Unit Master Sensor Unit Scanning Laser Unit Umpire Gun

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